SIPS is an online wine store, delivering Europe’s sustainable vineyards to your door.

The team at SIPS approached us, to redesign their Paid Marketing Strategy in line with their strong brand identity.

Project kick off

To kick off the project, the team at Business & Butter analysed their current Paid & Organic Marketing Strategy and collected data of their existing audience. Based on this research, we organised a Growth Masterclass.

The goal of this masterclass was to share our knowledge on Growth Marketing, demonstrate successful experiments from other projects, to finally come up with a backlog of growth ideas for sips. Which we prioritised based on the RICE-score. ‍

Bringing strategy to life

Once the backlog of experiments was defined, the team at Business & Butter went to work to redesign and set up the new strategy. Focussing creating a full-funnel and cross channel approach.

We made sure that their Shopify, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center and Google Ads were properly set up and connected to each other.

Process and Results


For each of the experiments, we clearly defined KPI's that aligned with the company's goals and objectives. To make sure that we could easily track our progress and results, we've also set up a results dashboard and project management board.


By A/B-testing relentlessly, we were able to find the winning growth experiments effectively and quickly.  But also scale the formula to other countries all over Europe.

We were able to successfully improve the effectiveness of the Marketing & reach record-breaking (consecutive)monthly sales in under 3 months time.


The end result is a well-oiled marketing machine and team that values data, brand identity and creating a strong community of loyal customers.

In conclusion, with a little bit of Business & Butter, SIPS went from a local shop in Berlin to a strong brand all over Europe known for their great taste.

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